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Wed, Feb. 24th, 2010, 09:45 pm
synchra: Rocket City Dragon Party!!

Come down to Rocket City this weekend for the Dragon Party!

The Syn_Squee Gecko Dragons and the Tokushi Aquatic Dragonet will be released at the party! (and possibly more!)

See this image EVEN BIGGER, here: http://www.synchrastudios.com/gallery/v/sl/GDPromo-huge_001.jpg.html?g2_imageViewsIndex=1

The Gecko-Dragon avatars have completely new parts and textures with the original day gecko parts as promised. This avatar comes with a buttload (56) of eye textures, a flying AO, wings that fold and spread, pose-able ears, tongue/jaw expressions, HUD, and 2 gestures! They will be L$800 and come in the above 9 colors.

The Tokushi Aquatic Dragolet will come in Natural (as pictured), Red, Yellow, Blue, Pink, Green, Purple, Brown, black, and Rainbow! The Dragonets will have all the standard Tokushi scripts and features that are on all their high quality avatars. All dragonets will come with the fish pictured, and will be a discounted price of $700L

They will both be released this Saturday, the 27th, in Rocket City at the dragon event! This event will take place at 7:00 pm.

Come to the party for a chance to win some for free!